Aliens Vs Predator – Talk About That!

There’s no rational reason behind military workers (Roswell) nor an average middle-aged couple (the Hills) to possess all those so-called defining traits Mr. Sceptic noted as an ingredient and parcel of aliens on the mind; even inside their subconscious alien lab disposable.

The thought of the ‘Greys’ as a ‘flesh-and-blood’ match to the metallic UFO is connected with the Roswell UFO function (July 1947) but that part just appeared around thirty years later. The Roswell function, with or without ‘Greys’ had been hidden and neglected till resurrected in the first 1980’s.

Meantime the ‘Greys’ came to the forefront independently with the UFO abduction phenomena that post-dated Roswell but pre-dated the renewal of the Roswell function as an important UFO case. However IMHO Roswell is substantial even with no ‘Greys’, the ‘Greys’ none the less stay an important facet of the present day UFO debate. Speaking of debates, what uses are extracts I’d in discussing a UFO ETH (ExtraTerrestrial Hypothesis) sceptic concerning the ‘Greys.

The history of the Roswell event just resurfaced after only two days in the public vision (minus unfamiliar bodies) in July 1947 with the publication of “The Roswell Incident” by Charles Berlitz* & Bill Moore in 1980, and thus the powers-that-be almost got away with the Roswell cover-up and deception. But they didn’t rely on eye-witnesses coming out of the closet when they currently had one foot in the grave and therefore had little to concern from Dad John and violations of these protection oaths.

Now the truly intriguing issue is that the first unfamiliar abduction situation in the USA to get advertising – the Betty and Barney Slope situation – came to light in 1966 (“The Disturbed Journey” by David G. Fuller).

Betty and Barney Slope didn’t learn about Roswell, and most certainly not about any possible Roswell unfamiliar bodies. Yet, their explanation of the aliens who theoretically abducted them for around two hours fit perfectly with the article 1980 revelations and descriptions of the Roswell aliens.

Mr. Sceptic may not need seen that as “significant evidence” nevertheless the Roswell witnesses and Betty & Barney Slope truly did. Please describe that curious chance! Sceptics can table that the “Greys” are engrained within our pop-culture, therefore no chance you need to entered into.

Calling all sceptics, please name me one film, one TV display, one amusing book, one sci-fi novel, one anything which presented the basic ‘Grey’ unfamiliar ahead of the Betty and Barney Slope experience and future advertising in 1966. Certain, pop-culture presented several an extraterrestrial, although not the ‘Greys’, at the very least maybe not ahead of 1966.

Betty and Barney Hill’s ‘Greys’ weren’t affected by pop-culture. Probably if there had been this effect the Hill’s would have reported Gort or Robbie-the-Robot or The Blob or the Martians from the first picture variation of “The War of the Worlds” ;.

I ought to point out for the sake of reliability that Stanton Friedman was an un-credited co-author of the 1980 tome “The Roswell Incident” ;.The Berlitz name was ostensibly added on for the public acceptance and PR value. Berlitz led virtually nothing to the articles that expected leg-work and chin-wagging.

With regards to the public notion, yes, the Betty and Barney Slope 1966 abduction function saw the first true association of aliens or extraterrestrials or ET to be something similar as to the we now contact the ‘Greys’ ;.That does NOT eliminate the testimony of Roswell witnesses that what they seen were ‘Grey’ aliens.

But that association didn’t floor in the public’s vision till 1980. So, all I’m expressing is that Roswell could NOT have had any effect on the Betty and Barney Slope case. The Betty and Barney Slope function was not contaminated by any past notion of aliens in the proper execution of the ‘Greys’ ;.

Let’s study that further. I’ve appeared through all my sci-fi in picture and on TV publications and I can’t find one illustration of a theatre ‘Grey’ ahead of 1966, only extraterrestrials who are usually human in appearance or stars in ‘alien’ rubber suits. 1966 was needless to say once the Betty and Barney Slope abduction situation became public understanding, albeit the abduction was in 1961.

In reality even the 1975 telemovie of the function, “The UFO Incident” clearly presented stars in outfit and didn’t search very much like the ‘Greys’ at all. There have been no ‘Greys’ in possibly Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers. I can’t recall an individual ‘Grey’ on “The External Limits” or on “The Twilight Zone” or on “Science Fiction Theatre” ;.

Probably had Betty and Barney Slope been British, then no doubt their experience with unfamiliar abductors would have been Triffids or Daleks or Cybermen or the Snow Players or Sontarans, the Zarbi or one (or more) of these Quartermass unfamiliar beasties. Or possibly not.

My sceptical ‘friend’, Mr. Sceptic, recommended that the thought of the ‘Greys’ prolonged back again to the first days of science fiction and therefore mankind were currently saturated with this image. Wow. Alas, that’s pure bovine fertilizer. Does Mr. Sceptic really think some offered modest recommendations he created from 1893 and 1901 (albeit one by H.G. Wells) so saturated the sci-fi world that the “Greys” became the be-all-and-end-all of what it had been to be an extraterrestrial?

I quite agree that H.G. Wells, along side nevertheless Jules Verne, were the fathers of contemporary science fiction. Probably Jane Shelley of “Frankenstein” celebrity was the mom, or great grandmother since she pre-dated Wells and Verne by several decades.

Anyway, I’m positive the offered 1893 report and the 1901 novel “The First Men In The Moon” by Wells were expected reading in every British literature classes for many American pupils and therefore American culture was saturated with things ‘Grey’ ;.Or perhaps not. A British article, even from H.G. Wells from 1893 is hardly likely to develop its effect and permeate American culture in 1947 – actually now; let’s get real.

Certain, H.G. Wells is famous, although not overly for both works Mr. Sceptic cited. “The War of the Worlds” and “The Time Machine” and “The Invisible Man” position minds and shoulders over in the entire notion of the reading and theatre planning public, none of which features the basic ‘Greys’ ;.

The bottom line nevertheless is that 1947 America was not taken with the ‘Greys’ or even with issues of bug-eyed-monsters ravishing terrestrial girls as oft seen on the covers of the pulps, or into the future progress of the human species, or of anything overly extraterrestrial, that being a long time prior to the begin of the space race.

Aliens Vs Predator – Talk About That!

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