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The issue with the “B.D.” whom people claim is small for “Black Dahlia” is wrong. “Elizabeth Short” was not dubbed the “Black Dahlia” until after her demise so the B.D. on her behalf body means something else. Most law enforcement at the time Graffiti Removal Los Angeles the text to be, “P.D” on both figures and perhaps not “B.D.

These “Two Tony” serial murders primarily picked their victims up near to the club closing and women that did not move home with some one or have their very own car. “Elizabeth Short” who generally remaining before the “Trolley’s” ended operating could have had to go to the cart grab point.

Several of those women were alcoholics whom missing every thing or were begging to survive. Several of those alcoholic women had dates with men who had great incomes and when the man wished to keep the ladies stayed and kept drinking at the club until the club shut then they went to whatever position they stayed.

These barfly women walking home alone after the club shut were literally kidnapped down the sidewalk by the “Two Tony” serial killers. A some of the women were abducted throughout the day by way of a simple personal while they certainly were alone but many were after time club abductions.

This complied listing of murders fit the “Black Dahlia” page because they certainly were very brutal (except for the 2 figures which were never found). In at least 4 of the murders the murders remaining communications for the police. With 2 of the 4 figures just the communications were remaining with the figures never being found.

None of another figures were reduce in two. All were beaten and brutalized to no end making use of their looks beaten therefore bad sometimes you’d perhaps not have the ability to realize them. One was strangled in her car. I didn’t lookup murders before 1947 because there’s nothing that matches these kinds of murders.

The Two Tony’s” didn’t display up until 1946 and the majority of the brutal murders before 1947 were solved. I could perhaps not find any murders before 1946 in the Kansas City area where, “The Two Tony’s” got from. Numbers and documents ahead of the 1960’s are wrong or low existent.

Feb 10th 1947 B.D. and TEX on body. Human anatomy left in a development area next to the “Santa Monica” airport on “Indianapolis Street” near “Fantastic View” ;.March 12th 1947. Human anatomy left 2 miles north of downtown Los Angeles near “North Principal Street” just a couple miles from where “South Principal Street” becomes “North Principal Street” on “Ducommun Street” near the “Union Station Railroad Terminal” ;.

April 2nd 1947. 17th Street and Michigan Avenue in Santa Monica. Person went by her and her buddies on an extremely black sidewalk area and stabbed her. Her body dropped on the sidewalk where she died. Feb 14th 1948 Survived the attempted murder. Human anatomy left and remaining for useless in “Leimert Park” 1 stop from where “Elizabeth Short’s” body was found.

Louise Springer August 13th 1949 Abducted throughout daylight hours from a parking lot in her car just “One” stop away from where “Elizabeth Short’s” body was found in “Leimert Park” ;.Your body was remaining in the car she was abducted in on “125 W. 38th Street” from “South Principal Street” 2.8 miles south of the coach station in downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Skin Care

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