Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring Descriptive Information

The use of vinyl wood plank flooring is slowly becoming more and more popular due its low cost,Guest Posting durability and the very charming features that it offers. The following article provides a quick insight into vinyl flooring that looks like wood spc supplier in Sharjah.

What is Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring?A vinyl compound is an organic compound that contains the vinyl group. These vinyl groups are derivatives of ethylene and have an ability to polymerize. In a layman’s language, the vinyl wood plank flooring is basically plastic. This kind of ‘plank’ is made from polymers, known as vinyl polymer.

Your vinyl wood plank flooring is something like a thick plastic that has an appearance similar to that of PVC or PVF. The plastic or vinyl polymer that is used to make the planks, differs from manufacturer to manufacturer and from product to product.

A high tensile strength plastic and added thickness makes the flooring plank appear like a regular wood plank or a ceramic tile. The process that is used to install vinyl flooring is also very simple, which is a significant merit. Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring:

Product DescriptionIf you take a look at the vinyl wood plank flooring reviews, you will notice that this kind of product is received very positively by the consumers. Now there are two prominent types of vinyl wood plan flooring that are available in the market.

The first one is a regular tile or plank made from thick polymer and the second type is the stick-on plank, which is also made from polymers.Solid Plank FlooringSome of the best vinyl wood plank flooring manufacturers make this kind of solid plank flooring.

This kind of flooring is very realistic as it is also shaped exactly like the common wood flooring, and also has similar dimensions of about 6 inches by 36 inches. Furthermore, the texture and feel of these vinyl flooring planks is quite similar to natural wood.

An additional merit of such a vinyl plank flooring, is that it is also available as per different wood variants such as maple texture, teak texture, etc. This gives the flooring an additional natural appearance and believe me, it is so good that your visitors would actually get fooled and think that it is natural wood.

The second merit is that the plank is extremely durable and has an excellent tensile strength. Cleaning such a floor is also easy and a simple vinyl floor cleaner does the trick. The flooring also does not require any polish or extra care. Stick-On Plank FlooringThe second type is the stick-on plank flooring.

This flooring is like a sticker that can be easily put on the floor. The flooring is fixed permanently either with powerful adhesives or with some screw mechanism. The stick-on plank flooring just has the visual appearance similar to wood planks.

The feel that is similar to that of the natural wood is unfortunately not present in the stick on flooring. The vinyl floor repair for such flooring tends to be simple as all you have to do is peel off the damaged ’tile’ with the help of a putty knife and then stick on a new one.

Talking of damage, you do not have to worry about substantial damage owing to the fact that such a flooring has a great durability and does not break or get torn by minor factors.The process of installing vinyl flooring is extremely easy owing to the fact that the process is quite simple, and involves some cement, tile sealer and the vinyl wood plank flooring. I hope that the elaboration on vinyl wood plank flooring is resourceful. Good luck.

Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring Descriptive Information

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